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Over the upcoming months, the band will be recording and releasing all new songs exclusively through their site and YouTube. Fully featured tracks accompanied with high production music videos. Expect to see a lot of activity on the YouTube channel, and if you're not a subscriber already, hit that sub button on the right side of this page because there is a lot of juicy content to come.

Also, if you haven't subscribed to the band's email list yet, do so. By signing up, you will have direct access to the band, and privy to all new releases and updates. Also, free music and special deals on existing music release. Plus, it's an efficient and simple way of staying in touch with each other.

The band expects to load up new videos 2 to 3 times a week varying from lyric videos to behind the scenes. Also, something special is coming soon. We hope to make it a permanent part of the band's repertoire, but the concept and ideas are still being hashed out. 

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New Album Out Now!

Get In

by Cory Pratt Band

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An eclectic ride through the minds of three very good looking mad men, GET IN is the Cory Pratt Band's first full length album as a group. Featuring the single "Never Say Never," this 2016 album offers nine studio tracks, all with their very own personality and character. From the fun filled "Hero Lite" chronicling the struggle of a reluctant super hero with a serious partying problem, to the introspective lyrics and haunting melodies in "Walking with Ghosts," GET IN offers nine wonderfully different tracks flawlessly glued together by the band's distinct style and musicianship. Have fun, get inspired, and enjoy your copy of GET IN.

  1. 1 Status Madness 05:54
  2. 2 Summer Bummer 04:26
  3. 3 Never Say Never 04:15
  4. 4 Flex 03:00
  5. 5 Walking with Ghosts 04:21
  6. 6 Hero Lite 03:58
  7. 7 Desert Star 03:48
  8. 8 The Bird 04:24
  9. 9 I Know, Bro 03:38
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